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Jul 3, 2011 3:00pm PDT
-sex marriage in his homestate of minnesota. >> when you enter the military, you have to take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and to protect the country against foreign and domestic enemies. the enemy here is intolerance, misinformation, bigotry, probably greed. so, as a soldier, that is what he is fighting for. >> more on my conversation with them and a minnesota state senator who is trying to outlaw gay marriage. but now to our top story, we begin in orlando, florida. very soon casey anthony's fate will rest with the jury of seven women and five men. both sides today presented closing arguments. each attacked what they consider the flaws and weaknesses of the other's case. >> these types of decisions are life-changing, unchangeable decisions. and this type of evidence is reasonable doubt. that stain that never was is reasonable doubt. all of these aspects. the way this was presented to you is all reasonable doubt. and here's the thing, if you don't know what happened, that's it. if it wasn't proven to you that it happened, that's it. it's over. it's not guilty on every count. >>
Jul 14, 2011 4:00am EDT
shutting down the government of the state of minnesota means shutting down minnesotaens access to beer. seriously. like what you'd invent in a cartoon. no more beer until this all gets done. >>> tonight there's a tea party tidal wave, and we're sending a message to them. it's a message that i will carry with me on day one, it's a message of fiscal sanity, it's a message of limited, limited constitutional government and balanced budgets. >> there is something wrong in the common wisdom about politics right now, about the politics of the last election in 2010, election night 2010 reaching rand paul there, something wrong in the politics of that election, the politics of this year, and the politics of the next election, presidential election, something appears to be wrong, that is leading to the pundit class and beltway press being surprised about stuff they shouldn't be surprised by and it's also fuzzing up clear predictions everybody should be able to make about 2012. here's what seems to be wrong in the political common wisdom right now. >> how is this -- the tea party movement, how do
Jul 5, 2011 10:00pm EDT
ground and solve our problems in a responsible way. >> you know, hanging around the lake in minnesota, i didn't hear anybody talk about the debt ceiling. nobody was talking about the debt ceiling. we're talking about the debt ceiling, because washington is talking about the debt ceiling. is this really a big deal? later this week as we go through our series of shows now that we're back, i will show you exactly what it means to have the government shut down because this shutdown is different from the one back in the gingrich years. republicans have no interest in finding my common ground whatsoever. it didn't take boehner very long to get away from happy hour and hammer the remarks. he put out a statement this afternoon. he said the american people are worried about our economy and our future. more than two years after the start of washington democratic stimulus spending spree, they're asking where are the jobs? boehner's house let me point out has not passed a single job creation bill or measure since he's had the power. now, nancy pelosi got health care done. she had the gavel and got i
Jul 1, 2011 9:00pm EDT
minnesota is closed now. the democratic governor and the republican legislature of minnesota could not come to agreement on a budget. at midnight local time last night minnesota closed down. you do not have to go home, but you can't stay here. 23,000 people who worked for the state have been laid off, out of a job indefinitely. 23,000 people. if you had a reservation at a campground for the fourth of july weekend, you are not camping. all state parks will be shut. all rest stops shut. the zoos are even shut, although it is considered an essential task to keep feeding the animals, somebody will still do that even though there will be no visitors. special services for blind and deaf people in minnesota have stopped. 950,000 pounds of food for the needy in minnesota are sitting on the shelves and in freezer, right now. that food cannot be delivered. the state has had to stop child care assistance for the poor. the state's prison. you can shut a prison while there are prisoners inside it. if you have a friend or family member inside prison you will not abe lewed to visit them. no more religious
Jul 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in washington. >> ifill: judy woodruff examines how minnesota's government shutdown foreshadows state budget woes nation wide. >> brown: we get the latest on the investigation of widespread cheating in the atlanta public school system from heather vogell of the "atlanta journal constitution." >> ifill: from sudan, an on-the-ground report on new clashes as the southern part of the country prepares for independence saturday. >> brown: and ray suarez talks to david epstein of "sports illustrated," as former pitching great roger clemens faces charges of lying to congress about taking performance- enhancing drugs. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i mean, where would we be without small businesses? >> we need small businesses. >> they're the ones that help drive growth. >> like electricians, mechanics, carpenters. >> they strengthen our communities. >> every year, chevron spends billions with small businesses. that goes right to the heart of local communities, providing jobs, keeping people at work. they depend on us. >> the econ
Jul 7, 2011 5:30pm PDT
crisis really hurts. we'll take you to minnesota where the state is still closed for business and this summer it's really starting to hurt. >>> and later, the curtain comes down on a beloved story. is it really the end for harry and his friends? >>> while as we told you the president and congress fight it out over this federal debt ceiling, the standoff in the state of minnesota between the democratic governor and the republican legislature has led to a government shutdown now entering its second week. nbc's john yang reports from the capital st. paul where the government coming to a stand still is really starting to hit home this summer. >> reporter: for minnesota state highway worker mike linholts, summer is usually a busy time. but today he was working on projects at his father's house and worrying about his bank account. >> i live paycheck to paycheck like most middle class, that's just the way it is, you set your priorities and this is the way it works. >> reporter: he's one of more than 20,000 state workers on furlough, because the government and state legislature can't
Jul 1, 2011 8:00pm EDT
government is having a happy holiday in minnesota. >>> no matter where, no matter what. republicans refuse to raise revenue to pay the bill. >> the state's second shutdown in six years. >> democrats demanding that we raise taxes. >> some 20,000 state employee jobs are now in limbo. >> it's going to affect our bottom line. our campground is now closed. >> from minnesota to washington, republicans will do anything to protect the wealthy. corporate jets, aircraft industries, pushing back after harsh words from the president on wednesday. >> corporate jet owner that has done so well. >> you don't give us what we want, we won't raise the ceiling. >> nobody's bumping. >> private jets, that that somehow is going to make a difference, it's disappointing. class warfare. >> and congress 1234 going to approve hundreds ever billions in tax dollars. >> on the campaign trail, mitt romney rewrites mitt romney i didn't say the thing was worse. >> he made it worse. >> he didn't create the recession, but he made it worse. >> but he made it worse. >> i didn't say he made it worse. >> when did rewriting becom
Jul 14, 2011 12:00am EDT
shutting down the government of the state of minnesota means shutting down minnesotans access to beer. seriously. like what you'd invent in a cartoon. no more beer until this all gets done. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too! >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. introducing the schwab mobile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and an
Jul 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
choices in minnesota, as a result the state government shut down two weeks ago. like washington, it's a budget deadlock between a democratic chief executive and a republican controlled legislature. dean reynolds shows us what it looks like when legislators can't figure out to keep a state running. >> reporter: on day 13 of the shut down the state parks are closed. the lottery is idle. the highway rest stops are off limits. and 22,000 workers have been laid off without pay. but the effects of minnesota's government shutdown have been even more pro found at 304 6th street in with a see california. >> i'm mad and i don't ne if i can keep my temper. >> reporter: she runs a day care center and was worried about when she'll have her monthly state subsidy to keep her business running. >> we're minnesota, this is minnesota. we don't turn our backs on our kids. and i'm scared to death of what's happening. >> reporter: so is angela noble, she sends her two sons to sharon every day and is worried about what she'll do without the help. she's in training for a promising job and without day care,
FOX News
Jul 15, 2011 3:00am EDT
? the minnesota state government shut down a couple weeks ago meaning all state offices are closed for business, and any place that sells liquor needs a state-issued buyer's card that expires annually. in the days leading to the shut down, bars, restaurants and stores rushed to get in their renewal applications, but many didn't make it. in other words, they just got real. they reported that 300 businesses were unable to renew their cards and another 425 have cards that expire at the end of this month which with many more facing the prospect of running out of booze if the shut down continues. on top of this, a spokesman from the minnesota department of public safety says the miller coors company didn't renew its brand label registration. meaning a crap load of beer has to be taken off shelves in the next couple days. basically it is a perfect storm of suck for minute gnaw sew tans. what are they doing for fun? >> that's something they do for fun. imogen, that is ridiculous. shouldn't there be an automatic extension for something like this? just extend it until it comes up again. these businesses
Jul 1, 2011 7:00pm EDT
? government in minnesota shut down lock outs. democrats aent republicans aren't remotely close to an agremt on the debt ceiling and cats and dogs still aren't living together. we don't seem to be able to agree on anything. dem krts and republicans are waiting for the other side it blink on raising the debt ceiling and the mere prospect of result has real life implications for the rest of us. interest rates and economic recovery. are the two parties really willing to play roulette with the u.s. and global economy? if the u.s. even come close, it could open the door to a serious run by an independent. not since ross perot have we seen anything like it. so on this independence day we ask, could we see a real run by a third party candidate. >>> plus, did mitt rommy put on the plip flip-flops again? romney said, i didn't say that things are worse, except that he did just days earlier. quite a few times. we have it all on tape. we put it together in an independence day panel of experts to look ahead at the republican field, all those money reports and everything else and the president's chances o
Jul 2, 2011 7:00am PDT
to this cnn saturday morning, and it's a holiday weekend where minnesota's state government is shut down. that could take a toll on some of the more vulnerable people in that state. we're talking about services for the deaf, child care subsidies for the poor, and help lines for the disabled. none of those services are available because lawmakers could not compromise on a budget. also, 20,000 state workers are without their jobs right now. cnn's chris welch joins me now from st. paul. good morning to you. and you help us understand just how many people in the state right now are being affected by this shutdown. >> t.j., i'd be surprised if anyone would say they weren't affected, you know, in any way. but first of all, it's the fourth of july weekend and all these state parks and rest stops, they're all closed, and a lot of people are traveling today. that's just a minimal impact on -- with what's going to be happening with this. because you mentioned it in the intro. a lot of serious problems could arise from this. you know, hot lines for seniors, reading for the blind, you know, the list
Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm EDT
the rich. now long can this party go on before it implodes? >>> minnesota democratic governor shows how you fight back against republicans. do we have a new progressive hero? >>> plus the dominique strauss-kahn trial falls apart. >>> does fox news start in the nix yop white house? we have the amazing report straight from the nixon library. >>> welcome to the show, everybody. i'm roo i'm cenk uygur. we have an awesome show tonight. >>> all right, we are the party of the rich. guys came out and said you are for corporate jets, oil subsidies were for the rich. they basically came out and said yes. look at them defending all those programs right here. >> the president is singling out expensive airplanes is not the folk usts issue we are debating here. >> you see the most ugly devicive press conference i think i have ever seen from a president. offered no solutions. other than let's tax rich people. >> the idea we raise taxes as the president said on millionaires and billionaires. raise taxes on oil companies. raise taxes on owners of private jets. that somehow will make a difference in america'
Jul 1, 2011 5:30pm PDT
put for this fourth of july weekend. >>> lights ou minnesota state government shuts down over a $5 billion budget deficit. >>> and "making a difference." bringing the gift of hearing to kids in need, even if it means traveling to dangerous places. >>> plus, new rules for air traffic controllers, will you feel safer if they're listening to music on the overnight shift? "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, i'm kate snow in for brian. it was a stunning turn in a case involving one of the world's most powerful men. today the former head of the international monetary fund was released from house arrest after prosecutors said the woman who had accused him of sexual assault in a new york hotel room may have serious credibility problems. strauss-kahn still faces charges, but today's move could be the beginning of the end of a case that seized attention from new york to paris. ron allen is at the courthouse in lower manhattan where it all unfolded today. ron, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, kate. yes, it was an amazing da
Jul 5, 2011 6:00pm EDT
in minnesota, and republicans still refuse to make millionaires pay their fair share. thousands rally in atlanta, protesting georgia's antiimmigration law, and now there's prove the fight is working. >>> and later, president clinton's advice to president obama -- should make republicans afraid, very afraid. stay with us. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail twice a year, every year you don't have an accident. the safe driving bonus check. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >>> michigan's ban on affirmative action gets struck down, but it's nothing to celebrate yet. i'll tell you how the right is stealing the language of civil rights to attack affirmative action. stay with us. new newtons fruit thins. real cranberries and delicious cranberry citrus o
Jul 2, 2011 6:00pm PDT
tonight minnesota shutdown. the land of 10,000 lakes furloughs 22,000 state employees. what's behind the the holiday weekend budget impasse. a new endorsement deal from michael vick. a guy that looks at nike controversial decision to resign the the star who served jail time for dog fighting. tennis racket, ask whether all those exclamations on the courts are really necessary. and being there. we go to a ceremony seen halfway around the world. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. the holiday weekend is off to a very bad start in minnesota. from state employees who vacation is looking for a cam ground. a budget stalemate has shutdown most of those state services and that's casting a shadow all the way to washington d.c. where the 9 the deadline for raising the federal debt ceiling is now exactly one month away. johnson has the the latest. >> reporter: many fireworks in minnesota have nothing to do with the 4th of july. angry protesters took to the capitol steps barking at law makers for failing to close a $
Jul 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT
to minnesota a big bite out of ri budget. >> >> translator: we need a minimal $3,000 to $4,000 for gas to get there are working and are working and to buy some >> to pay for the gas ricardo auctions off one of his cows. he gets $950, less than he'd hoped. it's time to close up the ranch property and get going ♪ ♪ >> the 10-year-old pickup with camper top is jam-packed with clothes, fruits, vegetables, even a cooler full of frozen meat from livestock they raised it's 4:30 a.m. on june 9th. the pickup is cramped. >> my mom here and my brother over here and my dad over here. >> okay ♪ ♪ >> the fields where they're heading are 1500 miles away. ricardo's strategy is to make a big push ♪ ♪ >> we've given sister denise a video cam to record the journey when she's in the mood. ♪ >> we're here in kansas and afraid that that big cloud full of water might catch us. i hope not. ♪ ♪ >> with a storm nipping at their heel, ricardo decides to get off the road. he's been driving for they splurge on a motel room, 75 bucks he spending, but the family needs the bed rest
Jul 5, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. let me tell you the great state of minnesota is still closed. we brought you this story on friday when the people of minnesota were just finishing day one of their state government shutdown. state road repair, if it's not an emergency, forget it. those new bridges they are building, not right now. state rest stops, nope, hoping to get your driver's license? no. child care assistance, not now. parks like this one, closed. and now, actually, worse off than before they closed, police arrested 12 people this weekend for breaking into an office and a pair of cabins in minnesota and also for adding a body part in spray paint to poor smokey the bear as reports the minneapolis star tribune. the state sheriff's office says this wouldn't have happened if the state government had not shut down and sent the workers home. today a bipartisan panel of minnesota luminaries, including walter mondale stepped in and former republican governor stepped in too to try to broker some kind of deal, some kind of end to this standoff. democratic governor mark dayton met briefly with lawmakers this afternoon. wha
Jul 1, 2011 12:00pm EDT
over a store in new york and what they were after and what happens next. >>> lights out. the minnesota government shuts out -- shut down. we'll bring you the latest on negotiations. >>> it's a wonderful start to the long holiday weekend. we have the forecast still coming up. policewoman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> protestors demonstrated outside of this state capital calling for a solution. >> i don't understand how you shut down the government and all of the jobs will be lost now. how do you increase the budget crisis when you're not employing people. it doesn't make logical sense. >> the shutdown of minnesota sends thousands of workers home. minnesota is facing a $5 billion budget short fall. >>> and another group of professional athletes is essentially unemployed this afternoon. the nba lockedout the players as a bargaining agreement. the talks about them break down overnight with no deal insighted. -- insight. >> the average player compensation will be $5 million. >> the league and the players are far apart when it comes to a new agreement. that's putting the whole season in jeopardy. th
Jul 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT
say the group recruited american fighters from across the united states, from california minnesota illinois, new york, virginia, alabama and texas. >> the group continues to call for strikes against the united states. as a result, we will not let our guard down. >> abc news reports as many as two dozen people are unaccounted for. despite revelations that the al qaeda leadership in pakistan and afghanistan as on the brink of collapse the concern that this terror group could come within striking distance of the u.s. is unavoidable. according to the chairman of the house homeland security committee, they have recruited 20 canadians to join the terror group inside somalia. >>> word tonight that there may be more victims of about rating police officer accused of sexual assault. authorities say they are investigating leads that two- time officer of the year, gene gillette, forced itself onto other men. he is accused of shooting a man he lured to the south to have sex with them. police say he told a victim there were going to shoot a movie with the electors. the victim said inst
Jul 17, 2011 6:00pm EDT
of the budget negotiations in minnesota. we have seen a budget shut down running into its 17th day. they are working this weekend to move toward a special session to reopen the government. how much buzz is there about the minnesota government being shut down and what lessons did you learn from it? did it look like the democrat caved to you in the end? >> we had some conversation and a governor's only meeting yesterday about what some of us had done. we talk about pensions, for example. the governor of delaware and new jersey and myself, what you learn when you have a roundtable discussion with fellow governors is each state is unique. you have to approach them understanding the culture, the dynamic to your respective legislature. or is virtually no criticism of anybody here of the national governors' association. but we are sharing the pain because we have all been through it. we know what minnesota is going through. many of us could have found ourselves in the exact same position. we were able to work our way through it. most of the governors were able to work their way through it
Jul 13, 2011 10:00pm PDT
. -- minnesota. the state parks are closed, the lottery is idle, the highway rest stops are off limits and 22,000 workers have been laid off without pay. but the effects of mine ---- minnesota's government shutdown have been more profound on this street. >> i'm mad. >> reporter: sharon runs a daycare center here and worries if she will have her monthly state subsidy to keep it running. >> we don't turn our backs on our kids. i'm scared to death of what is happening. >> reporter: so is angela noble. she sends her two sons to sharon every day and is worried what she will do without the help. she's in training for a promising job, without daycare, her career path could run off the road. >> this is my chance here that i finally got. it's in jeopardy right now if i don't have somewhere to take my boys. >> because daycare had been ruled a nonessential service, it was up in the air. >> it's all part of the chaotic mess minnesota's shutdown has created all due to the stalemate. >> the extreme right ring is very unnegotiable. it's just out the window. >> reporter: to close the the state's $5 billion d
Jul 8, 2011 5:30am EDT
in minnesota is now costing that state millions of dollars. according to the chicago sun times, minnesota could lose tens of millions a month in uncollected taxes. a million bucks a week in lost revenue from camping fees, gift shop and concession sales and another million and a quarter a day in lottery ticket sales. the standoff between democratic governor mark dayton and the republican-led legislature is now entering the eighth straight day. a key ratings agency has downgraded minnesota's debt and one economist estimates the state could lose about $23 million a week in spending power. john yang reports for that state's capitol, st. paul. >> for him sum ser usually a busy time. today he was working on projects at his father's house and worrying about his bank account. >> i live paycheck to paycheck, like most middle class. and it's just the way it is. you set your priorities, and this is the way it works. >> he's one of more than 20,000 state workers on furlough because the governor and legislature can't agree on how to close a $5 billion budget deficit for the two years that began last friday.
Jul 20, 2011 5:00am EDT
. there's a ceremony taking place when that happens at noon. >> the government shutdown in minnesota has been grabbing headlines for three weeks but could it come to an end? >> we will talk about that and what they are doing to try to bring an end to the disaster. >>> a heroing moments for a wind surfer. how a emergency respond are's quick thinking stranded a -- saved a stranded woman. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no right way. or wrong way. every baby plays by his own rules. and they need a diaper that lets them do it. new pampers cruisers. with 3-way fit. adapt at the waist, legs and bottom. ♪ with up to 12 hours of protection. for all the freedom to play their way. ♪ pampers. it's time to play. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> minnesota lawmakers worked throughout the night to end the government shutdown and it paid o minnesota lawmakers approve the budget deal. the governor's signature will end 20 days of a state shutdown. it looks like 22,000 minnesota state workers could be headed back to work tomorrow at
Jul 1, 2011 5:00pm EDT
off tonight. can't we all just get along. the government in minnesota, shut down. lockouts in both the nfl and nba. democrats and republicans aren't remotely close a debt ceiling and cats and dogs still aren't living together. we don't seem to be able to agree on anything. democrats and republicans are waiting for the other side to blink on raising the debt ceiling and the mere prospect of default has real life implications, oh, for the rest of us, interest rates and the economic recovery. but the two parties, are they really willing to play roulette with the u.s. and global economy. 23 the u.s. government defaults on its debt or comes close, discuss with disgust may become so great it could open a door to a serious run for an independent. not since ross perot have we seen anything like to. on this independence day weekend, we ask, could we find a real run for an independence day party candidate? and talking about president obama's handling of the economy, romney told nbc news, quote, i didn't say thing, worse, except that he did just days earlier. quite a few times. we've got it a
Jul 11, 2011 4:00am EDT
candidates to get in the race approaches a critical test in iowa next month. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty joins me live in studio. ts up. one of the first candidates to get in the race approaches a critical test in iowa next month. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty joins me >>> coming up, he was a two-term republican governor of minnesota. now he has his sights set on the white house. gop presidential hopeful tim pawlenty joins me live in studio, up next right after this brief commercial break. ther top. with an esurance quote, you know you're getting a great deal. you can thank our tech team for that. sure, i'll let them know. bye-bye. aha! anything you want to share? with the tech team? oh, i'm dating that girl in accounting. seriously? yeah, we're pretty serious. [ female announcer ] know if you're getting a great deal. see for yourself at esurance. technology when you want it. people when you don't. >>> we're back. our "meet the candidate" series continues this morning with former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. welcome back to "meet the press." >> thanks for having me.
FOX News
Jul 2, 2011 4:00am EDT
ohioans a new way and a new day. we're delivering. >> in minnesota, it has the them shutting down. state parks are closed. 23,000 state pleas are furloughed and they were told to take their plants home if the plants needed water. this could be a while. budget negotiations between republicans and democrats leave $1.5 billion gap stretched over ideological divide. the democratic governor mark dayton was elected ater promising no cuts in service and new tention the weathy. dayton bargained down to new taxes only on those earning $1 mlion a year. state republicans rejected it. >> in up stead of taxing their friends they'd prefer damaging cut to healthcare, k-1 the and higher education. state and local public safety, mass transit and other semiservices to the people of minneapolis. >> tate republican were lobbying for deadline extension before the shutdown. day top dismissed that as a public -- yton dismissed it as a publicity unt. >> democrats and the republicans need to stop acting like crips and bloods, gang members. >> former governor and presidential hopeful tim pawlenty says there would
Jul 1, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. the state of minnesota is closed for business after they fail to reach tax cuts. it affects some of the people most in need in that state. sgloot a >>> and a 7-year-old busted behind the wheel of his father's car, and what the little boy said to the judge when he said he was just trying to go see his father when he took that car. >>> hello, everyone. i'm tamron hall, and everyone isle following the extraordinary events in the case of dominique strauss-kahn. after a court hearing, strauss-kahn was freed without bail. he is free to leave the $250,000 a month townhouse where he had been under house arrest. after posting $6 million in bail money. the only restriction, he cannot leave the u.s. and he is due back in court july 18th. all of this comes after serious questions were raised about the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of sexually assaulting her. ron allen joins us from the courthouse here in new york, and let's get to the credibility issue, ron, and what did we learn today in court? >> well, tamron, it is hard to see how this could be worse for the alleged victim
Jul 7, 2011 7:00pm EDT
to minnesota where the state is still closed for business and this summer it's really starting to hurt. >>> and later, the curtain comes down on a beloved story. is it really the end for harry and his friends? really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge! a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in
Jul 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
government in minnesota shut down this morning. politicians failed to get a budget by midnight to close a $5 billion deficit. some of the state worker pros tested outside the capital. the democratic governor blamed republican lawmakers. >> instead they would prefer to protect the richest minnesotans at the hands of everyone else. >> we'll have more on the shutdown in the next half hour. >>> wind gusts of up to 80 miles an hour cut power to wisconsin, illinois and indiana overnight. one person was killed. >>> in texas a tornado on the border with mexico caused minor damage. >>> firefighters in new mexico are confident a wildfire in los alamos will stay away from a nuclear lab. david romero of wrqe has more on that this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. the las conchas wildfire threatens the home of the first nuclear bomb. even as smoke billows into the sky and remains visible in albuquerque, officials are confident firefighters have halted the fire toward the los alamos laboratory. firefighters have cleared the trees and brush and pushed it away from the lab. since monda
Jul 2, 2011 7:00pm PDT
as an openly gay soldier. his parents are honoring his memory by fighting for same-sex marriage in minnesota. watch this. >> when you enter the military, you have to take an oath to protect and defend the constitution, and it protects the country against foreign and domestic enemies. the enemy here is intolerance, misinformation, bigotry, probably greed. so as a soldier, that is what he was fighting for. >> i'll talk to them. >>> and a lawmaker in the state who wants to outlaw gay marriage. plus -- >> harx, harx. the rochester new york woman videotaped for arresting police in our own yard gets the last laugh, but now she fears she's being targeted by the cops. those stories and much, much more, but first the news and a developing story. the former head of the international monetary fund is free from house arrest. dominique strauss-kahn left the manhattan townhouse where he had been staying. he was arrested in may for an alleged sexual assault on a housekeeper. but in recent days, the case seems to have unraveled because of the victim's own credibility problems. >> as dominique strauss-kahn w
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